"Those Himalayas of the mind are not so easily possessed.
There's more than precipice and storm between you and your Everest."

C. Day Lewis


Marg is great at what she does. I wish she lived closer. I could have learned a lot from her.
D. Dinel

"Keep going! what you do really hits home! Thank you"
L. Stogryn

"A very enthusiastic speaker who relates her own experiences to the class. Was a joy, Marg you have a great sense of humor. Love it!
M. Johnson

I loved the session! Thanks for all the tips and help. I just want to get back to work and try it all out for myself!
A. Rempel

We would like to have you back for all the sessions and we would guarantee we would be there to listen and participate with you! Great vibes!
Positive, positive, positive.
C. Frank

I hope you come back next year! You are a very motivational speaker! Thanks.
J. Carroll


Excellent and useful info and strategies
Very practical ideas to deal with real problems that occur in class
This was great! Thank you for giving us what we really need!
Thank you. Finally, someone who cares and shares.
Wow! Super.
Well presented! Challenging, realistic and motivating.
Excellent - knows her students and puts through her passion and expertise. Awesome. Very helpful.
Thanks for providing a speaker who has real ideas for what to do with students in my class.

. . . and more!

- truly exceptional
- excellent session
- lots of good practical examples
- she was super, she should be a keynote speaker
- very energetic speaker
- learned a lot
- obviously experienced and knows what she is talking about
- gave many examples of what to do in the classroom
- Marg's actions are good. They really work.


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