"Those Himalayas of the mind are not so easily possessed.
There's more than precipice and storm between you and your Everest."

C. Day Lewis

Featured Talks

  • Wounded and Full of Holes: Achieving Success With Emotionally Damaged Students
    Many students that we deal with everyday are wounded and full of holes. Dealing with emotionally damaged children in the classroom is becoming more and more common. These students display many different coping mechanisms. This session looks at 10 Principles for Success in dealing with this difficult population. This dynamic presentation will give educators very hands on strategies that they can start using today!

  • When the Front Door Doesn't Open, Try the Side Door
    Acquire proven techniques for managing and defusing potentially negative situations. Lean how to handle defiant behavior and manipulative behavior. This session will give you lots of practical ideas and techniques that will help you deal more effectively with this challenging student population.talks clipart

  • Moving the Mountain
    Receive a number of strategies and techniques to help motivate the reluctant learners in your class. This session can help you design a program for your classes where all students can succeed. These techniques will work with your most challenging students.

  • Changing the Script
    Do you have difficulty getting kids to listen to you and follow through with your requests? Do you feel like you how nowhere to turn when students don’t comply? Success in getting students to work for you is a skill you can learn. This session will offer very practical strategies and steps in order to help you deal with difficult and unmotivated students. Make the seemingly impossible, possible!

  • Building Blocks to Success
    In order to work effectively with students, we need to understand the six building blocks to success. This session will look at how to motivate students and learn more about behavior so that our students will become the successful learners we know they can be! This session offers practical solutions to your common problems with motivation.

  • Living Your Dreams  
    This session looks at your dreams and looks at very practical ways of living your dreams. Do you think living your dreams is possible? It is not only possible, but easy to do! There are steps you can take, starting today, to live your dreams and have the life you want!

  • Successful Living
    What does it take to successfully plan for successful living? How can we
    handle the changes that we face in our lives? Planning for success involves steps. Whether we are looking at your personal life or profession life, there are steps that you can take in order to make your life more successful and more fulfilling. Why settle, when you can have what you really want! The possibilities are endless.



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